The IWDB Work Group are very open to give academical researchers access to our dataset. We need further research into a number of issues related to Irish Wolfhounds. Good pedigree data is often key to making such research possible.

Dataset for academic research

Researchers are given full access to the whole dataset or a subset for a time limited period. This will allow them to extract key information for breed related issues.

We have created tools that allow easy integration between researchers’ datasets and our own. We are very willing to help researchers with further integration.

Application process

Any academical research-project may apply for access to the dataset of Access is completely free. The board of trustees will go through the application. The goal is to evaluate the seriousness of the project and its possible benefit for the breed. After approval, a formal contract will be signed by both parties and access to the dataset is granted. We aim to keep the whole process as simple as possible.


Applicants must use our standard application form to apply for access.

Have a look at the sample contract to determine if the IWDB-terms are acceptable to you before applying. The basic terms are non-negotiable.

Feel free to contact us for further information.