We have totally revamped the advanced search interface, allowing for a lot of searches that previously were impossible to perform while adding a more useful interface to search results.

The new advanced search can be found under Advanced Search. It now allows searches into 24 different areas.

These areas may be combined and allow us to find hounds very specific to our criteria.

Some examples

Let’s say you are a breeder and want to find a stud dog for your bitch. You have several requirements:

  • The dog should be no more than six years old
  • He must live reasonably close
  • He must have been heart checked
  • He should not be related to the most influential hound in your bitches’ pedigree
  • He should have proven himself and already have progeny

Let’s set up a search for that. We’ll start with the alive criteria. We will start with year born and state that the year born should be after 2012


Next, we will add the geographic criteria. Our breeder is living in France, and want to be able to choose from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We will add those countries, and use the OR operation to them:

Next, we want to make sure the dog is a male, by adding a requirement for sex being male:

Next, we will add the requirement for a heart test being registered in IWDB:

We will check that he is not related to a dog that’s influential in our bitches pedigree. In this case, we have randomly selected the Finnish bred hound Brokenwheel Uracil and added him from the list that came up when we started typing his name. We made sure the requirement is that he is not in the pedigree:

Finally, we will limit the search to dogs that have already proven themselves as sires and produced progeny:

As you can see, these searches may become very complex. It is highly recommended to register on the site and be logged in. If you are logged in to iwdb, you may save the search for future use and fine-tuning.

Lifespan in pedigree

Another example we think many will find useful is to search for hounds with a certain average ancestral lifespan in their 5 generation pedigree. Let’s try setting that to more than 8 years.

This search in itself will return more than 2,500 hounds which is the limit for the number of hounds we will show at one time. We will, therefore, need to refine the search.

Many hounds have a high ancestral lifespan, but many of these have very few ancestors with known lifespan, so let’s limit our search to those that have known lifespan of at least 2/3 of the ancestors in a 5 generation pedigree (5 generations=62 ancestors):

The returned list is now much more manageable, but further refinement could still be done by geography, sex, time period or any of the other myriads of elements we may search for.

Good luck

We hope you will enjoy your searches. Please feel free to reach out to us through the forms in iwdb, by email to info@iwdb.org or through our Facebook-page if you have any questions or other feedback, negative or positive. Together we are making IWDB better.