Unfortunately, many irish wolfhounds aren’t registered in any kennel club. Especially in the US, it’s quite common that irish wolfhounds stay unregistered, even with reputable breeders. One question we had to ask ourselves was how we handle those irish wolfhounds.

Our position is quite clear; If it isn’t registered, we can’t verify it’s origins or existence, and therefore it’s non-existent as far as the database goes. Kennel club registries are very useful for keeping track of dogs and their pedigrees. They are also useful for establishing and maintaining breeds. We would love to see all irish wolfhounds registered, and encourage breeders and owners to make sure that happens. In the meantime, we’ll have to live with estimates and breed statistics being inaccurate.

Recognised registers

We are┬árecognising the same registers as FCI does. For some countries there are various alternative registers, which, in our opinion, doesn’t have the quality assurance we would like to see. We are not registering dogs which are on these registers.