We are very excited about finally launching iwdb.org. The core-group have spent the better part of the last 18 months collecting data, coordinating efforts, programming the site, discussing what we want to achieve and generally try to make the best site we can. We have decided to launch the site at Crufts 2016, which means it will be open for everybody from march 13th.

The main slogan for all of us during these 18 months has been “free and open for all”. We believe the data we’ve collected belongs to the breed, not to any individuals. Anybody interested in irish wolfhounds should be able to do proper pedigree-research, and scientists should have proper tools to research the breed’s history. That’s the main reason we did this.

Eventually we became more ambitious. Our big goal is to collect data on every irish wolfhound that has ever lived. It’s quite impossible of course. A lot of information is lost through history, but thankfully lots is preserved by breed enthusiasts, from captain Graham and onwards. At least all information that’s published should be in our database.

Today we have collected data on more than 135.000 irish wolfhounds. It’s way more than we had dreamt that we could achieve and we’re truly thankful to everybody who helped us achieve this.

Anyone can send data to us through numerous options on iwdb.org or just drop us an email.

Thank you for your support!