In Australia, there’s been an ongoing situation since 2006 when two litters were registered as purebred irish wolfhounds when they apparently were not of the ancestry claimed.

In june 2016, DNA evidence was accepted by the court as showing that an unregistered dog of unknown parentage, by the name of “Murphy” was the sire of the dogs in question. The magistrate ordered the registration of the the two bitches in question cancelled.

At we are grateful for the efforts of our friends in Australia to set things right. Especially Loretta van Nunspeet and Graham Jacobson have fought a long, expensive battle on behalf of our breed for close to ten years.

We believe in protecting the pedigrees. The trust Kennel Clubs put in breeders have clearly been broken in this case. We are still awaiting removal of the dogs in question from the registers of the Australian National Kennel Council. We have asked the Australian Irish Wolfhound Clubs for advice, and although not all of them have been able to give a reply yet, the message has been clear: Please remove the dogs in question.

The trustees of has decided to remove the two bitches who are now proved to have a sire of unknown origin. We have further decided to remove all their full siblings and all their progeny from our database. All in all, 86 dogs have been removed as we believe they are not proven to be purebred Irish Wolfhounds.

We have kept the list and will consult it for future registrations as long as the dogs are kept in the registers of the Australian National Kennel Council.
Dogs Victoria’s statement on the issue may be read here: